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Welcome to the shows' virtual gallery! You can find information and links to individual exhibiting artists as well as their booth space location(s). Click on the thumbnail for larger versions of their images.
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Laurel Averill
207 798-1369
Booth space: BHFAF 2020 #13

Of every medium that I have ever worked with, silk painting stands alone. Although it is a labor of love and a process with many steps, it is worth every minute. The colors and textures that are achievable with this medium are always vivid and interesting. I am also endlessly excited by the unpredictability of silk dye. When I begin a piece I rarely have much of an idea of how it will end up. As for subject matter, nature is a perpetual source of inspiration for me. Also, I tend to use landscape painting as a method of processing my ardent sense of place. I will often end up with otherworldly landscapes that are a confluence of dream and memory distorted through the filter of time. Ultimately my goal is to create an image of beauty that helps transport the viewer to an illusory and unusual place.

Fred Carrow
Booth space: BHFAF 2020 #4

I am an artist and art teacher from western Pennsylvania and enjoy painting on location in Maine, specifically Acadia National Park. I reside with my wife Laurie and have two children, Caleb and Madison. We usually make two trips a year to paint and enjoy the environment. I love to paint from nature and I’m particularly drawn to dramatic lighting effects. As an artist, I am constantly trying to simplify the image as I work. I basically use what I like to call “the 6 second rule” where I ask myself what it is that first drew me into a scene within those first six seconds. Trying to keep that focus as I paint is the challenge. Acadia National park is a painters paradise as there are so many beautiful scenes at every turn. I look forward to chance to exhibit the paintings that I’ve completed over the past few years.

Rolande and Don Andrews ~ Beachcombings Studio
Booth space: BHFA 2020 #1; BHFAF 2020 II #1

Creates handcrafted one-of-a-kind sea glass jewelry that speaks of the natural world. Combining treasures discovered on the beach with precious and semi-precious stones and fine silver we create simple but elegant designs that echo time spent by the shore. Much of the glass we find comes from the shores of Maine and Quebec. Other pieces are purchased from collectors all over the world. Our designs are inspired by the ocean and the peace and tranquility one finds when combing the beach. This is the message I try to convey in each piece I create, I hope you find my work pleasing.

Mary Ellen Merino
Booth space: BHFA 2020 #40; BHFAF II #40

I have loved searching for rocks and gems in mine tailings and caves since I was small and did this with my Dad on our vacations. When I grew up I realized I could make jewelry with lots of the things we had collected, and there was no turning back...Natural materials are beautiful in their own right, and I thoroughly enjoy combining them and color matching to produce my jewelry. I've taken lots of classes and hope to take many more as there is always something new to learn. Please enjoy my creations as much as I have enjoyed creation them!

Patti Page
Booth space: BHFAF 2020 II #5

Patti Page is a contradiction. She is a minimalist who has chosen to work in a medium of adornment. Patti’s uncomplicated style of using hand cut stones and clean bezel settings, lets her highlight the beautiful patterns and colors of the natural stones she chooses. Simplicity of design meets the complexity of nature in her bold scale pieces. Patti received a BFA in metals at Indiana University of Pennsylvania in 1984 and at the same time earned a certificate from Bowman Technical School in Lancaster, PA for Jewelry Repair and Stone Setting. Patti has continued her education with courses at the Gemological Institute of America with Diamond Grading, Pearls, and Sales 1986-2007. Most recently Patti has been studying lapidary (2016-present) and continues to integrate this skill into her work.

Courtney Anderson
Booth space: BHFAF 2020 #3; BHFAF 2020 II #37

Sea Salt & Silver is dedicated to sustainable jewelry inspired by the coast. Handcrafted with natural materials, including sea glass, beach stones, and gemstones, along with recycled materials such as recycled sterling silver, tumbled recycled glass, and pottery.

Original Graphics and 2D Mixed-Media
Sharon Boody Dean
Booth space: BHFAF 2020 II #11

Highly detailed original acrylic paintings on birch bark which I find on walks in the woods with my rescue dog Miss Wiggles. This bark is taken from fallen, dead trees, taken home and cleaned, sized (as nature allows) and painted on. My subjects are birds and animals from my home state of Maine. My birch bark paintings are framed in a gray rustic frame. My paintings are usually embellished with dried flowers, lichen and/or moss which can give the paintings a 3D effect.

Anja Bartels
Booth space: BHFAF 2020 #15

I create vibrant porcelain vessels inspired by marine life, oceanic motifs and memories of my childhood on the North Sea. Bridging traditional fine porcelain with new design ideas is the primary focus of my work: my pots are edgy yet elegant. Classic, simple shapes allow me to apply playful designs, and I aspire to have an element of surprise in my in my work. My porcelain pieces give me a deep sense of connectedness to the ocean, something I crave, living far from the Atlantic in the mountains of North Carolina

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