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Artists apply to shows through Zapplication .

Artists who have never used Zap for applying to art shows or need assistance setting up their profile can use Zap’s help center at


Application via ZAPPLICATION

Deadlines: Jurying for Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festivals is by periodic "rolling jury" and ends the week before the shows. Booth spaces are allocated by "first paid, first reserved" upon invitation and media categories are closed as they are sold out.

Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival
Application: $35.00
Booth fees : $405 to $670.00

Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival II:
Application: $35.00
Booth fees : $405 to $670.00

For further assistance you may contact:

Marc Fink
P.o. Box 66
Bass Harbor, Maine 04653
207 266 5884

Media Categories/Requirements
All artworks displayed and sold must be substantively (meaning majority--over 50%) produced by the hands (using traditional non-computer assisted or mechanical means that remove the actual guidance of the artist's hands) of the applying and participating artist. No reproductions (other than those excepted in the policy below), digital output (except for digitally manipulated, limited-edition photography as noted below), mold-made or buy-sell art of any kind is permitted. 2D works must be tastefully framed and hung on booth walls, with only 1 rack permitted for loose unframed items. Sculpture, 3D works and jewelry must be tastefully arranged on covered tables or pedestals.

Fine jewelry: All jewelry must be unique one-of-a-kind items hand-produced by the exhibiting artist. No mold-made or repeated items with only slight variations permitted.

Hand-pulled printmaking: Original hand-pulled prints, signed and numbered by the exhibiting artist. Acceptable techniques include intaglio, lithograph, monotype, collograph and other techniques. Please call if in doubt.

Graphics and 2D mixed-media: hand drawings, pastels and collages, 2d glass and mosaic work. Please call if in doubt.

Painting: Includes watercolor, oil, acrylic, gouache and other painting mediums.

Fine photography: True limited-edition photography of high quality. See below*.

Fine Wearables : Hand-made clothing items. These must be entirely hand-produced by the artist and not simply be variations on repeated items.

Sculpture, Glass & 3D work: Sculpture must be hand-produced by the artist from wood, stone, clay or other acceptable media. Loss-wax technique from a mold is permitted as long as the original sculpture was produced by the exhibiting artist and the mold was produced under the artist's direction. 3D assemblages from metal, wood and other materials are permitted, as well as original glass-work produced by the exhibiting artist.

Digital Art: Any art that uses computer files and/or a digital output device in it's creation. Digital art may not be represented as "limited-edition" and if more than one size are displayed the largest size must be framed and displayed on booth walls

*Note about photography/digital art: Because of the spread of digital and other "mass produced" means, digitally-printed photography does not fall under the guidelines for original, one-of-a-kind or true limited edition art. Any artform that is now printed using any difital file/printer/device is now categorized as digital art. Fine photography is hand-produced/manipulated photographs in the printing process. Digital artists may have multiple versions and sizes of their art as long AS LONG AS THE LARGEST SIZE IS APPROPRIATELY FRAMED AND DISPLAYED. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES MAY DIGITAL ART BE REPRESENTED AS LIMITED-EDITION ART--REGARDLESS OF HOW MANY OR FEW ARE PRODUCED.


An exhibiting artist in either painting, graphics or printmaking will be allowed to sell UNFRAMED reproductions of displayed work as an alternative to capture a sale from a framed original that a customer may otherwise find cost prohibitive. However, the artist MUST comply with all of the following conditions:

1. The reproduction must be of a framed available original on display in the booth. In other words, the reproduction image must be identical to that of the original on display in the booth. If the original is not on display, then the reproduction image may not be offered for sale.

2. The reproduction must be of equal size or less to that of the original, and available in only one size.

3. All reproductions are to be stored in ONE rack only in the display booth--and the reproductions must be clearly marked as "reproductions."

4. Reproductions MAY NOT be referred to as "limited editions prints"--even when numbered. This is a term of art which is reserved for true limited edition prints such as hand-pulled original etchings and lithographs.
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